6 roles of packaging in business

06 Tháng Ba 2023


This helps preserve and create convenience for products and plays a highly active marketing role.

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All design, creation, research, or packaging technology is intended to serve the product's distribution, preservation, storage, sale, and use. For example, large bags, sacks, or barrels are often used to store raw materials. Or consumer products are often packaged in boxes, bottles, packages, etc.

Generally speaking, it is, but it is clearly not enough to fully appreciate the importance of the packaging industry. Let's take a closer look at the role of packaging in production and business, especially in the modern business environment.

1. Packing helps to contain and reinforce products.

The most basic and primitive purpose of packaging and product packaging is to contain products, serving the stages of transportation, storage-preservation, and display. Accordingly, each type of product is usually packaged and packaged in different suitable forms: Liquid products are bottled, cans, jars, jars, etc. Complex products are packed in paper boxes, paper bags, etc. Oversized products are usually packed in big bags, sacks, boxes, or containers.


Vai trò của đóng gói, bao bì trong kinh doanh


2. Packaging helps protect products

Packaging helps protect products from damage, deformation, drawn by crooks, or loss of quality due to external and environmental influences such as air, moisture, water, and light. etc

This is also the reason that more and more types of packaging are being researched and invented, such as paper packaging, foam, air bubble bags, plastic packaging, boxes, jars, bottles, and cans are made of a variety of materials, from paper, plastic to rubber, tin, the iron, wood, etc.

3. Packaging provides information about the product to consumers

Providing product information on stamps, labels, or packaging is a legal requirement to help consumers understand the product before making a purchase decision.

Information often printed on product packaging includes Ingredients, nutritional parameters, manufacturer's name & address, barcode, quantity/packaging, size, storage instructions, and expiry date. , instructions for use, necessary warnings, etc.

4. Packaging helps with product positioning

We often say, "don't judge the book by its cover," but that's just the advice of ethicists. Each of us is still very convincing by appearance. Consumer behavior is no exception to this effect.

Expensive products lose their value if packaged or have cheap, makeshift packaging. On the contrary, it will be difficult for you to sell goods if the product is only mid-range, but the packaging is too overpriced.

Thus, the packaging's material, design, and value will tell customers which segment your product belongs to high-end, famous, or cheap.


Vai trò của đóng gói, bao bì trong kinh doanh hiện đại


5. Packaging decides the brand identity

Packaging/product packaging with creative design, unique and outstanding colors, and suitable for brand identity publications will help consumers easily impress, associate, and remember the product, your business, and brand more.

6. Packaging is a marketing tool, sales support

Today, research and packaging design is a vital part of the product development strategy of most businesses. Packaging is considered an integral part of the product.

Packaging is a highly effective marketing tool because well-designed packaging can create convenience and bring outstanding advertising and sales effectiveness.

Above are six benefits that packaging brings to products in particular and businesses and brands in general. However, not all companies invest and plan appropriately for their packaging samples. We want to point out ten notes below to help companies to get the proper and effective packaging:

1) Creative and original; 2) Matching colors and details; 3) Easy-to-read labels; 4) Use images; 5) Closely related to the product; 6) Appropriate language; 7) Full and legal information; 8) Can see the product inside; 9) Be clear, precise, avoid clutter and 10) Simple is best.

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