Color elements in print design

06 Tháng Ba 2023

Human perception

How each person sees color can be different, depending on each person's eye aesthetic. The difference is especially evident in the blue bands.

Colors can also interact when placed next to each other, affecting human perception when placed next to each other. Color can be displayed in human perception through reflection or as a visual illusion.

Printing devices and technologies

Nowadays, printing equipment and technology are relatively modern; it plays a vital role in creating colors for printed designs.

The average computer screen will display different colors depending on the computer and screen type. For example, LCD flat screens will show a bluer color. Meanwhile, when adjusting brightness/contrast also gives different color effects.

Inkjet and laser printers, with modern technology, are convenient, but these printers often don't have the color range that professional printers have. This is evident in printing bright, dark, or complex colors.

Color Checker

The color checker tool is also one factor affecting the color display of the print design.

You can check out a roll of standard CMYK color booklets for offset printing or a Pantone color book, which is relatively common. In addition, we also have many other color books published by vendors under their color ink systems.

Color has always played an essential role in print design.

The color booklets have color printing and the index to print that color. For example, red is written as C0 M100 Y100 B0, meaning no blue and black; pink + yellow is 100% printed, and the same goes for other colors. This recording is also called the color parameter. When checking the color of your print design, you need to compare the color you want to print with the standard palette, get the color parameters into the design program, and then the next part is out film.

The color will be accurate for offset printing with a good printer + standard ink, but with a poor-quality printer or the effect of classic color, our film will vary slightly. Therefore, when producing in bulk, you should stand next to the printer and ask the printer to adjust to the standard with the relative required color.

If the color requires absolute accuracy of about 99%, you should print in color by asking for the correct color mixing and then printing this way for screen printing or offset printing of a different amount of zinc.

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