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05 Tháng Ba 2023

In daily life, you are often exposed to products from printing, such as: printing menus in Ho Chi Minh City, printing cheap plastic bags, printing wedding cards, printing T-shirts, printing name cards, printing catalogs, and official publications. If you have a good knowledge of printing, they will be handy. Here are some basic knowledge about printing for you to have a more objective view of this field:

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Some common types of paper in printing

- Kraft paper: Kraft paper is a type of recycled paper with a relatively rough surface; it is usually yellow-brown but can be bleached for easy production. Kraft paper is often used for grocery bags, envelopes, wrapping, packaging .etc

- Fort paper: The most common and popular paper is A4 paper. This type of paper has a rough surface, can hold ink well, and is used as envelopes, school notebooks, bills, etc.

- Bristol paper: This paper has a slightly glossy and smooth surface and moderately good ink adhesion; often used for printing soap boxes, cosmetic labels, pharmaceutical labels, catalogs, brochures, business cards, flyers, posters, menus, and wedding cards .etc

- Ivory paper: Similar to Bristol paper, the other side is rough; they are usually inside the product.

- Couche paper has a smooth, glossy surface, so the print is eye-catching and bright. They are often used to print advertising leaflets, posters, brochures, catalogs, .etc

- Duplex paper: Has a white surface and is close to Bristol paper, but the other side is usually dark like mache—Printing application on product boxes of slightly large size, with certain rigidity and certainty.

- Crystal paper: One side is very glossy, almost covered with glossy glue, and the other is rough, often used as an intermediate between Bristol paper and Couche paper depending on the purpose of product requirements.

In addition, there are other types of paper such as art paper, ribbed paper, gold and silver inlaid paper, .etc printing certificates of merit, wedding invitations, all kinds of carbon paper, and carton paper .etc

Some notes for effective printing

- Before printing, please carefully check your design for any errors that need to be corrected, the layout of colors, details, images, .etc. A small mistake, such as a grammar or punctuation error in printing content, may also require you to reprint. This costs the printer time and money.

- Print posters often use common sizes of 40x60 cm, 50x75 cm, 60x80 cm. Advertising companies currently have a variety of prices for poster printing depending on the customer's requirements. The quality paper for poster printing is Couché paper, which has beautiful colors and a reasonable thickness, which is very suitable for posters in public places. Usually, a layer of glossy nylon film is applied on the printed surface to increase the color tone and protect the poster surface.

- Choosing the most suitable and economical printing material before printing product packaging. Choose the type of cardboard from reputable manufacturers that are tough and durable, or select the types of paperboard and paper tested for quality and ensure consumers' health. Cheap packaging printing products pay great attention to aesthetic factors, so the smoothness and color of printing materials and printing techniques must also be carefully considered.

- All kinds of leaflets are now printed on modern offset printers or with high-quality digital printers. Booklets are printed with varnish or lamination to protect the printed surface from fading, scratches, and water absorption.

- Designers should use familiar application software in the printing industry, such as PageMaker, QuarkXpress, Illustrator, CorelDraw, and Photoshop, to create the best quality products.

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